Aimee Arnold

Small Business Investor : Service Based Businesses - Commercial & Consumer

Aimee’s Personality & Work Traits:

  • Ridiculously resourceful, particularly when most people would throw up their hands and give up or settle.
  • Your trusted “wing woman” and thinking partner (not to be confused with a “Yes Man”) with high level of business savvy, in-the-trenches experience, and veteran business know how across various sectors and industries
  • Charismatic with exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, demonstrates initiative and grace under pressure externally with clients, candidates, and internally with team members.
  • A self starter & results oriented, able to multitask efficiently in a demanding, ever changing environment and attentive to the details.
  • The Keeper of Chaos— I find problems and live in the solution, and clients / bosses / co-workers / employees & customers reap the results
  • Highly service driven, always ensuring a platinum customer experience.
  • A strong east coast work ethic, takes enormous pride in a job well done and a resourceful problem solver.
  • A positive, “can do” attitude, highly organized and extremely proactive. No managing required.
  • An exceptionally Loyal Team Member to all organizations with whom she works.
  • Extremely Tech Savvy with a high working knowledge of all key tech tools needed to work efficiently in today’s fast paced world, and has and expansive tech vernacular to be able to effectively communicate with various personalities across the broad “tech-know how” spectrum in written and verbal formats
  • Business Conversant in Spanish