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Southern Oregon + Colorado's Front Range

Hi, I’m Aimee Arnold

My passion is to help maintain the jobs, legacy, and strength of our small business community.

Small business is the lifeblood of our country. SMBs provide nearly 70% of all new jobs in the market. Small businesses are struggling right now. And there are 10,000 baby-boomers retiring daily, and 19% of them own small businesses and many will just close down and receive nothing for the lifetime of work they have spent building. Their clients will be forced to look for a new place to find their service.

I have spent the majority of my career starting, growing, and hiring and training for small businesses. I have the unique ability to help in this sector, and I feel called to do so. My husband (a General Contractor) and I are committed to our community and our country’s future.

We’re hyper focused on supporting Southern Oregon + Colorado’s Front Range.

If you know anyone thinking about selling, retiring, or closing their small businesses, please reach out to us.

We’re here to help!

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    Success Stories


    Kathi Whalen

    I have known Aimee for 15 years. She’s brilliant! She has a knack for really listening and understanding what my needs are. She gets things done quickly and implements organization and a plan. I would highly recommend Aimee Arnold . Aimee has helped me with my business life and my personal life. I would trust her with any project.


    Rick Herman

    Aimee is creative, resourceful, and strategic. Her many skills include project management and resource planning. I enjoyed working with her and she would be a valuable member of any team looking for a person to jump in with both feet and get things done, fast and effectively.

    Ruth Kohler

    Aimee is very organized and proactive about completing projects on time. She makes a point of working with others and keeping the lines of communication open. She is great at being able to see the big picture, and what needs to be done to get there. If you need someone that is capable of taking control and getting things done, then I would recommend Aimee for the job