The Custom Down-n-Dirty In Person Fix-It Package





-Do you desperately need a short term Personal Assistant, a special someone who can step in without having to be trained?
-Do know that you need someone who is a bit bossy,  someone who isn’t afraid to “bust you”?
-Tired of buying programs and hiring virtual coaches and assistants that end up leaving you unsatisfied?
-Do you cringe every time you open your email?
-Is it hard to find things when you are in a rush?
-Is your to do list out of control, and you are losing sleep knowing that it is never going to get done?
-No longer willing to believe that your spiritual parroting  of “I accept that I am disorganized”  is working?
-Are you ashamed about the food that you prepare/don’t prepare for your family?
-Are you secretly dissatisfied with your helpers (cleaning lady, nanny, virtual assistant)?  Or do you need helpers?

Here is the truth as I see it:

Stop trying to figure out what you think you need to change.
Because what you think is the problem, is clearly not the problem.  
Babe, you’re long overdue for a complete overhaul.
 You need someone to get all up in your business.
You need someone to come to your house because you keep hiding behind the computer/phone/skype
You need someone with solid experience.
You need to find someone that you can trust with your inner thoughts and feelings
….and your email passwords.
You are at the end of your rope.  

I’ll be your Personal Assistant + Wing-Woman + Director

Yes, I can see all the pieces that are unmanageable in your life.
And I know how to put them all back together.
And we will.

Let’s Get Control, then, shall we?

I have been waiting for you.  I am not kidding.  

I’ll create a 100% Custom Solution tailored to your needs.

You give me the thumbs up.

And then we’ll get it done.

Me + You at Your House.
Me + You on the Phone
Me + You via Email
For 60 days


Oh, baby.  It is Go Time.


This package is 100% focused on improving the heart of your home and your day to day functionality.  This means it’s all about you, your home office, your kitchen, your common living space, your calendar, your time, & your life.  When we are complete, you will have a “fresh start” and be able to tackle anything that comes your way.

  • First, you’ll complete my “How to Find More Time” teleclass & workbook to help me better understand your needs before we meet
  • Next, we will virtually meet up for 90 minutes to really dive deep into your class findings, and I will grill you.  Grill you hard.
  • After this confidential in person initial assessment, I will create an action plan.
  • After your review and approval of the plan, we will implement and we will work *very* closely together.
  • This includes my I will spending time working side by side with you in your home (at least 3 full days)

Yes, you read that correctly.


No matter where you live.

Are you ready?  

  • Then, we will have 8 weeks of consecutive phone appointments so I can be 100% certain that the very strategic design & operational changes that we implemented with my in person work become a living reality.  My mission is to ensure that you’ve achieved efficiency & peace of mind.
  • For 60 days you will have VIP access to my inbox;  your emails are my top priority;  I will act as your virtual personal assistant and tend to your home needs, business tasks and office organizational work as necessary.
  • I will also teach you about what I am doing & why I am doing it so you can duplicate my strategies all over your home.
  • After the changes are made, we will intensively work together to for accountability to ensure that changes are being adhered to, which will ensure that new habits are being formed.
  • I will ensure that these new ways of living become your “new normal.”


Let me ask you:  Do you want me to help you Get Control?

Now it’s up to you.   The ball is in your court.

I urge you to not wait any longer.  Because you need me.  Right now.

You wouldn’t be here reading this if you didn’t


Your investment is $6,000

My guarantee is to give you 110% for the entire 60 days.

And when I work with people in this capacity, I can only work with a few clients a year.  So space is limited.

Once package has been purchased, please know that all sales are final.

FYI:  I am currently only serving clients in the United States.

Want to book me?  Here is what you need to do next:


Email me  at 

I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Please be sure to include in the body of the email:
(1) What areas of your life you’re hoping to improve
(2) What you’re willing to do
(3) Why you think we’re a good fit.
(4) Your availability within the next 48 hours for a phone conversation with me
(5) Your cell number

Because I can only take a limited number of clients in this capacity, I need to be sure that you are willing and ready.

Looking forward to hearing from you so we can change your life.

I mean it.