You are successful, accomplished, and very generous. You like to “get it all done.”  Up to this point you’ve been able to keep all the plates spinning without missing a beat.  
Next up:  You’re dying to host this spectacular in person event/retreat/VIP Day.  
And you want to do it right.
You have great ideas. (Of course.)
But you know that in order to pull it off, you need an event professional & loyal side-kick who totally “gets” you.
You hear your inner monologue screaming:

“Aimee, I need your Expert help with my Special Event!”

Cool.  You’re in the right place.  
Here are three options:


Hire me as your Personal Event Mentor & Strategist


You feel like you need a framework within to work to execute your event, and then with me by your side we can go at it together.  Plus , you want someone to help you stay “on the beam” and bounce ideas off as things come up.

As your Personal Event Mentor & Strategist, I’ll serve as your:
-Event Master Plan creator
-Your Special Event thinking partner;  tap into my planning brain
-Sidekick to take your big, bold, idea and break it down into realistic steps to make it happen
-and much, much more!

With me on your side in this capacity…..

You take the action to implement my killer ideas from my special event plan
You can feel totally confident that you will pull it off with flying colors!

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Event Manager

Hire me as your Five Star All Inclusive Event Manager


Let me take care of everything and anything you need, honey….Even if you don’t know that you want it – yet – I will make it happen! (I am quite good at reading your mind)

As your Event Manager, I’ll serve as your :
-Full service Event Strategy, Manager & Implementation Guru 
-Your Special Event thinking partner;  tap into my planning brain
-VIP Concierge at your event to your prospects & participants and special guests
-Your very own Personal Assistant at your Event
-And much, much more….

With me on your side in this capacity…..

You just get to show up and do your thing.  You are the talent.
I am your everything else.  No this is not a dream.

Investment starts at $10,000

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Hire me for untangling and re-building the behind the scenes mess in your Biz

Do you desperately need a short term but super Seasoned Marketing, Sales, Client Care & Operations Manager — a special someone who can step in without having to be trained?
Do know that you need someone who is a bit bossy,  someone who isn’t afraid to “bust you”?  
Tired of buying programs and hiring virtual coaches and assistants that end up leaving you unsatisfied?
 Stop searching .  I am here.

Yes, I can see all the pieces that are unmanageable in your biz and your life.
And I know how to put them all back together.
I will rebuild your systems and operations and hire the right people to get you the foundation you need.

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