Here are their stories:


Aimee’s confidence in her ability to do this job made it super easy for me.

The best part of working with Aimee is that she has just taken it over. I truly don’t have to think about it at all unless she asks me to. I’m not up at night worried I’m missing anything and I know my clients are being taken care of very well.

With a business growing faster than I can handle as a one-woman show, I’m always looking for more ways and tasks to delegate. The idea of handing over the entire retreat logistics to Aimee to handle sounded like heaven.  Sure, I was a little hesitant just because I’m not great at letting go of control, but she was confident in herself and that inspired confidence in me in her!  Aimee’s confidence in her ability to do this job made it easy for me.

As an added bonus, being able to tap into Aimee’s idea bank, she brought new ideas to the table — things I wouldn’t have otherwise thought of. And from a financial prospective, she solidified vendors and secured event space at prices way below market value — what a steal!

I would highly recommend Aimee to people just like me — anyone running a retreat who doesn’t want to deal with the logistics themselves.

::  Jenny Shih – Portland
:: Business Coach ,


Aimee saved the day!  We’re in awe of you.

“Aimee, You are a gem. I cannot thank you enough.  You came in here and totally saved the day.  And rocked it. I am deeply grateful to you.  Frankly, we have been in awe of you.”

::  KC Baker – San Francisco + Sedona
:: Womens Thought Leader and Public Speaking Trainer ,


One hour with Aimee gave me Goosebumps!

“Aimee helped me wrangle some of my live retreat logistics yesterday.  An hour of her time got my head back on track, clarity on next steps and — best of all — an Excel spreadsheet organizing all my participants travel…with follow up actions!  This part gave me goosebumps!  I love organization and strive to be that person, but when you are an idea-manifesting kind of gal, you need wranglers.  I high recommend Aimee to anyone planning an Event.”

::  Laura Gates – San Francisco
:: Evolutionary Soul Coaching,


She listened and took in all that we asked of her and produced the event of our dreams in just a few short months!

My wife and I planned an important week long event with friends and family in Central America.  When we started the planning of our Event, the location’s management was very helpful, however did not have any dedicated Event planners, so we were left very much on our own.  As we grew closer to the date of our Event, things became much more stressful for us to pull things together and plan details without being in Central America,  Not having dedicated contacts for many details, and being nervous about bringing 80 family and friends to a foreign country.  Aimee was recommended to us by a trusted source.

She listened and took in all that we asked of her and produced the event of our dreams in just a few short months!  Being so close to our date, there were a great number of details that had to be ironed out and Aimee was ready to take our challenge head on.  When we started working with her, she was direct and to point with all matters.  She setup deadlines for each task and meeting times for us to communicate over Skype.  Her organization and ability to push us to achieve the tasks in a timely manor truly made each area an achievable goal.  Due to Aimee’s hard work and planning skills, our Event went off without a hitch!  She was there every moment, day or night, to fix any issue and made our event one that we will talk about for the rest of our lives!  I would absolutely recommend Aimee to anyone for any type of large event.

:: Jesse Stein — Miami
:: Commercial Pilot


Aimee is a true Pro.  Working tirelessly, always with a beaming smile.

I just wanted to drop you a personal note to say a heartfelt thank you for all your help with our Event. I could not have done it without you! Your suggestions both in advance of and during the event were fantastic, and greatly contributed to the success and enjoyment of the event. I know that you put heaps of work into making things run smoothly, and I really appreciate that this was no simple task.

You’re one of the most professional people I have worked with Aimee. You worked tirelessly for us during the event, and always with a beaming smile (through all the changes & glitches!), a true pro! Your attention to detail was second-to-none. And you interacted extremely graciously with our guests and made them all feel so welcome and at ease.

Thank you once again for all your help. I sincerely hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the not-too-distant future.

:: Emma Walsh — Ireland
:: Product Manager, Bonner & Partners


Organizing Queen!

“Organizing queen! Holy cow, Aimee can really drill down and figure out how to get things done efficiently.”

:: Meghan Hof — Denver
:: Owner & Chief Photographer,


Aimee is a hands on High Level Project Manager & Concierge

“I have been very impressed with Aimee’s passion for service and loyalty. I highly recommend her for any position where her self-directed style, impeccable service orientation, and excellent project management skills will be most valued. She is a high level project manager & concierge.  She is service oriented and understands the unique needs of high net worth individuals as well as private and professional events.”

:: Gina Steele — San Diego
:: Independent HR Executive


Aimee’s perspective allowed me to see things differently

Thank you so much for the strategy session. The one thing that you really brought to the surface that I hadn’t really thought about, which was based on my existing core value of offering things for free.  Funny how I hadn’t recognized how fully I stand behind that when it comes to yoga.  Also interesting how your perspective made it a lucrative sacred differentiation that I often found myself defending….
Thank you.  Adore you.  You are awesome.
:: Elsie Escobar  — Pennsylvania
:: Yoga Instructor & Retreat Leader,

Aimee for Everything

“I go to Aimee for everything organizing: Events, computers, expanding my business, cooking, travelling.”

:: Patrice Jones — Los Angeles
:: PersonalTrainer


B.S. Slayer

“Aimee is a B.S. slayer. She is very direct, which I like.”

:: Carolyn Anderson — Oregon
:: Co-Owner & Lawyer,


Keeps the momentum going

“Aimee is really good at keeping the momentum going, being proactive, and continuing to move forward when most people throw up their hands and give up.”

:: Helen Hunter MacKenzie– San Diego
:: Business Marketing Coach,


Master Organizer

“Aimee is a master organizer. She has worked with all kinds of people and backgrounds. She brings honestly, integrity and hard work into every project.”

:: Stefan Storace — Los Angeles
:: Yoga Studio Owner,


A Godsend

“What can I say. Aimee is a godsend!”

:: Tracy Williams — Miami + Chicago + Malibu
:: Million Dollar Listing VIP Realtor,


Enthusiastic, can-do attitude

“Aimee is extremely enthusiastic. She demonstrates great creativity; she continually displays her can-do attitude, responding to long-term needs and short-term crises. And she works well with others internally and externally to deliver a final project to completion.”

:: Steve Pollock — San Francisco
:: Business Consultant


Very nurturing and non judgemental

“I felt like I had so many things on my plate that I needed to focus on.  I was left feeling annoyed & frustrated, because I used to be able to manage it all on my own. Aimee helped me take a step back and look at things from a different perspective, and help guide me with different ways on how I could get it done. She is very nurturing & non-judgemental so I felt very safe “baring it all.  Thank you, Aimee!”

:: Jodi Barrack Pitts — Los Angeles
:: Event Planner,


Her attention to detail, follow through and communication are second to none

“Aimee’s attention to detail, follow through, and communication methods are second to none. She is one of the most detail oriented & pro-active people I have ever worked with.”

:: Steve Snyder — Boston
:: Owner & CTO,