How To Enjoy Every Moment This Holiday Season — While Avoiding the Biggest Mistakes Busy People Make 

During this exclusive webinar, you’ll learn:

The # 1 reason why most busy, accomplished, and successful people inwardly dread the Holidays, and how to ensure that you are no longer one of them.

The absolute worst pitfall that busy people fall for every Holiday season, and how you can avoid it.

My top-secret “Simplify Your Holidays” system to eliminate your overwhelm this Holiday Season and every November and December.

And much, much, more.     

And here’s what people are saying about it…

          “I feel more organized already.” – Karylyn
          “That was awesome, Aimee.” – Elizabeth
          “Aimee, come over to my house right now!” -Kathryn
                                                              *webinar recorded live on 11/2/12


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ABOUT YOUR PRESENTER: I’m Aimee Prezzano, a Simple Living Expert who is passionate about guiding intelligent, classy, and successful people who usually have it all together on the outside, but are actually drowning on the inside. I help them get that spring back into their step again. Working hard and playing hard, the complexities of busy families, the countless hours needed to maintain a home and manage the kitchen, and the seemingly hopeless task of taking care of yourself while it is all happening….. Yowza, can I relate! And I am delighted to tell you that I have found a way out, and I am bursting at the seams to share it with you.  You can find out more about me at or Tweet Me here.

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“Holy cow. Aimee can really drill down and figure out how to get things done efficiently. She always helps me get focused, and stay focused.”

:: Meghan Hof — Denver, Colorado
:: Owner & Chief Photographer, + Supermom + Wife

“Aimee has helped me completely shift my focus. It has been absolutely amazing. She has helped motivate me to do things differently. She has truly helped me to create balance in my life.”

:: Elizabeth Gupta — Sunnyvale, California
:: SuperMom & Volunteer Queen + Wife + House Manager + Personal Chef + ex-Corporate Recruiter

Aimee is a godsend! What else can I say.

:: Tracy Williams — Naples, Florida + Malibu, California
:: Million Dollar Listing VIP Realtor, + SuperMom + Wife

She is a master organizer. Aimee has worked with all kinds of people and backgrounds. She brings honestly, integrity and hardwork into every project.

:: Stefan Storace — Woodland Hills, California
:: Yoga Studio Owner & Instructor — + SuperDad + Husband

Aimee is really good at keeping the momentum going, being proactive, and continuing to move forward when most people throw up their hands and give up.

:: Helen Hunter Mackenzie– San Diego, California
:: Business Coach Extraordinairre, + SuperMom

She has a way of teaching and helping people. Aimee always makes me feel like everything is going to be okay. I trust her judgement with just about everything.

:: Corby Lee — Thousand Oaks, California
:: SuperMom + Personal Chef

Aimee’s attention to detail, follow through, and communication methods are second to none. She is one of the most detail oriented & pro-active people I have worked with.

:: Steve Snyder, Boston, Massachussets
:: Owner & CTO, + SuperDad + Husband

Aimee has taught me the importance of “me” time. It might be taking a bath to relax, working out to blow off steam, or a writing exercise for exploration….but it is never to wallow in my stress sometimes I might have to fight to make the time for myself, but it is always a reward.

:: Calley Prezzano — San Francisco, California + Nicaragua
:: Executive Chef, La Finca y El Mar, + Sister

When I think of the most effective B.S. slayer, it’s Aimee. She is very direct, which I like and need.

:: Carolyn Anderson — Ashland, Oregon
:: Co-Owner & Lawyer, + SuperMom + Personal Chef + DogMommy +Chauffer

I desperately need an Aimee fix. If she were to walk in my door right now, I would first have her give me advice on what to plant in my small garden, and then have her give the kids a pep talk on why they should organize their toys.

:: Betsy Meagher — Santa Barbara, California
:: SuperMom & Volunteer Queen + Wife + House Manager +Personal Chef + ex-Product Manager

“I felt like I had so many things on my plate that I needed to focus on. I wanted to be able to do it all and to be everywhere for everyone. I was left feeling annoyed & frustrated, because I used to be able to manage my life on my own. Aimee helped me take a step back and look at my life and time from a different perspective, and help guide me with different ways on how I could do a better job. Now, I am back in charge of my time & my life. Thank you, Aimee!”

:: Jodi Barrack Pitts — Los Angeles, California
:: Event Planner, + SuperMom + Wife + House Manager + Personal Chef + DogMommy