So you want to hold a special LIVE event.


But you have some questions and doubts….



Are the logistics of the participants and the endless to-do lists driving you batty?

 Confused about what is important to spend money on, and what not to, and how to negotiate?

 Already overwhelmed at everything that needs to get done to make this happen?


Not to worry.   I’ve got your back.

I am  110% committed to YOU. 

You + Me

In 2014, Let’s *seriously* make this

Special Event you’ve been dreaming about 

For your Business



Yes, this event is ridiculously important to you.  

This is something you have been longing to put into the world for months, maybe even years.

You’ve come this far with your biz doing it all on your own.  Bootstrapping here and there.

But you’re tired of trying to piece-meal it, and overextending yourself.  And let’s face it:  You abhor crappy results.

And the great news is, business is kicking into gear, you have a solid fan base and a healthy list,  and so your time is precious.

You know that hosting this Live Event is a complex monster.  No more hiding behind computer screens.   This involves a lot of moving parts.

Quite honestly, with a Live Special Event, it’s a suicide mission  if you choose to operate “business as usual.”

People will be flying from all over the world to see you. You have a reputation to uphold.  And you want to make sure this event exceeds their expectations.

Yep.  You aren’t willing to half ass this one.

 (And that’s where I come into the picture……  But you already knew that)
AimeePlanning Partner

It’s Time t0 GO PRO.  Right now.

Seriously.  Let’s stop this  “I can just do it myself” insanity right now, shall we?

I beg you: Do not go at this Special Event alone for one more second.  Unlike your business, this is not your expertise.

You need help from an Special Event Planning professional, one who knows how to navigate the gnarly details.

You do not need to go this alone.

……Not anymore!

Take advantage of my experience and passion to get you out there into the world, so you can finally get your wings and FLY!


Let’s do this! 

You + Me

After working with me…. 

Yes.orangeYou will have a solid date on the calendar for your event

Yes.orangeYou’ll have a step by step plan on how to get it all done

Yes.orangeYou will have told your fans all about it and they are so excited Inquiries will be coming in, and you sell out earlier than you anticipated

Yes.orangeYou will have a fabulous venue where you are SO excited to hold your event

Yes.orangeYou will have a comfortable event budget to make it feel luxurious for your clients, and not breaking the bank

Yes.orangeYou’ll be counting down the days to get to connect with them in person

Yes.orangeInstead of feeling exhausted and insecure, at the event you will be as cool as a cucumber and 100% ready to rock


Here is exactly what we will do together:


Special Event Planning Prep Work.postitFirst, I will dive into your brain with the information you provide for me via The Event Planning Questionnaire  which will prepare you for what’s about to happen in our live session.

Completing this exercise on your own will help me dig up what is blocking you and will uncover specifically what you are seeking from your event.



LiveEventPlanningSessionNext, we will hold our Event Planning Session —  a 90 minute one to one phone intake session where we talk about all of your dreams, hopes and desires for your event.  No stone will go unturned.  And then we will start to lay the foundation together, brick my brick.

I know exactly what to ask you to make your event blueprint, and to ensure that it is 100% yours and 100% implementable + successful.  And we will get to work! Collaboratively!


Custom Master Event Plan

Then, I will take all of your information back to my Headquarters and I will personally create (and send you within 24 hours) your Custom Master Event Plan so you can easily execute your dream!  This will be your roadmap to success.

This will include:  Financial Tracking Budget + Spreadsheet, Marketing roll out plan, Participant Email sequence, your biz + personal  To-do’s before/during & after the event, Venue comparison Food + Vendor analysis & considerations, Event Program Timeline, and more!


Live.Spcial Event Implementaton SessionOne week later, we will meet live for your Special Event Implementation Session.  In this down and dirty 30 min phone pow-wow, we will review your Custom Master Event Plan, and will discuss any questions that you may have regarding implementation.  In this call, I will show you how to get it all done.

Note to you:  This call will be recorded and sent to you as an MP3, so you can listen to it again and again as you are implementing, so you can feel like I am by your side all the way!


Aimee's Killer Ideas

Also in this call, I’ll present to you Aimee’s Killer Ideas created specifically for Your Special Event .  This is a custom list of Special Event Ideas made just for you (per the info you have shared with me thus far) that are economical and easy to implement, so you can add them into your event if you choose to do so.

These ideas will certainly heighten your customer experience and give it that extra special somethin’ somethin’ to ensure that your participants will really be wowed.  And you can take all the credit!



Aimee's InboxAfter our Implementation Session, you will have unlimited access to my inbox for 30 days —  Show me your sales page so I can give you feedback!  Ask me my opinion about your goodie bag! Consult with me on the venue search and forward me your contracts during negotiations!  Ask me to help you develop a menu to fit everyone’s dietary needs!  Get my help about the timing and the flow of the event itself!

Ask me anything!!   I will get back to you within 24 hours.   PS  Like clockwork (and to make sure that you stay on track) I will send you an email every Sunday checking in on you, to ensure that you are on track with implementing the Event Plan.



“I would highly recommend Aimee to people just like me — anyone running a retreat who doesn’t want to deal with the logistics themselves.”


::  Jenny Shih — Portland, Oregon
::  Business Coach,
::  12 Women + 2 guest speakers, 4 nights ~ Make It Work:  A Luxury Business Retreat  combined with a 3 month Virtual Program


Bonuses to Guarantee that Your Special Event + Your Life are Chaos Free


 Participant Document VaultAimee’s Professional Templates to Organize Participants. I’ll give you VIP access to use my professional templates to better organize and manage the participants for your event. The templates include: Participant Liability Agreement Template, Participant Travel Information Template, and Participant Food Preferences + Sleeping Quarters Questionnaire Template.  (value $500)


HowToFindMoreTimeHow to Find More Time Course.  Quite often, hosts of events need to Find More Time, so they can get it all done.  This course will help you do that.  You own it, take it and re take it whenever you need to find more time.  Pre-recorded audio + workbook. (Value $250)


Hire Aimee.pngThe option to hire Aimee to implement portions of your event. After our Implementation Session, I will give you an opportunity (if you choose to do so) to hire me hire me  a la carte  to work on a myriad of specific projects to flawlessly execute your event .  Currently, this is the ONLY WAY that I am available for hire for a la carte special event projects. (priceless)

Here’s how to get started:


1.  Purchase from the Orange Button below to secure space on my calendar.

2.  Within 24 hours I will send you The Event Planning Questionnaire; fill it out and send it back to me ASAP.

3.  I’ll immediately send you the link to schedule your  Event Planning Session and instant access to the bonus content.

 Investment:  $1000


Don’t delay:  Space is limited 


“I love organization and strive to be that person, but when you are an idea-manifesting kind of gal, you need wranglers.  I highly recommend Aimee to anyone planning an Event.”


::  Laura Gates – San Francisco
::  Evolutionary Soul Coaching,
::  12 Women + 3 nights ~ Rustic Soul Searching Retreat


Need more convincing?  Here’s your Special Event smackdown. 


Please, step into my (metaphorical) office.

So you’re here because…..

(a) You’ve decided to put this event into the world because you know that this is the best way for your to connect with your people
(b) It’s your life’s purpose to get your message into the world.
(c) And you want to make sure that you make it the best experience possible for them.


But let’s get down to brass tacks:

  • You don’t have enough time to go at it on your own ;  I mean, you have a business to run and a life to live!  You know that you need me to help keep you on track so you don’t waste your time on the wrong things.
  • Being a small business owner is hard, and how is that “doing it all” working for ya?   You are not an event planner by trade — but I am, and have helped hundreds of people like you along the way.  With me, you can do what you are best at, and let me do what I am best at.
  • You have a strong likelihood that you will loose money on this event if you do not have me as a partner.  With me,  I don’t want you to just break even….no, no no.  I will help you make a profit.
  • There are hundreds of ways to really screw up during event planning and implementation, that frankly, you cannot see what I see.  I beg you.  Don’t go into this thing blind.  I’ve got the x-ray vision glasses.  And working with me I can show you how I see things, so you can repeat this process again and again.
  • Meeting with your peeps in person is SO DIFFERENT than over the phone or via email or via skype.  In person is my area of expertise.  I will show you how to transfer your online skills to in person events.  Choosing to plan an in Person Event alone might not improve relationships with your people. In fact, there is a strong possibility that you might worsen them.  That would  be horrible.

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but these are the facts about Event Planning.

And I don’t want you to fail. Nor just scrape by.


With me in your pocket…

You will make money and have fun.

And your clients will not be able to stop talking about how amazing your event was.

Nuff said.


And Finally….Frequently Asked Questions:


$1000?  Eeeks.  That is a lot of money.  Not to be cocky, but the way I look at it is that if you decide to pass on hiring me, you will lose at least $1000 in mistakes made along the way.  Hiring me is an investment in your business.  To make money, you need to spend money.  And I will help you make money with the way we set up the financials of your retreat.  So don’t sweat it!

I have a business coach already.  Can’t he/she help me with this?  Hey, if they have experience coordinating 100’s of live events in a variety of different venues, go for it!  But my guess is that they don’t.    How about this as a happy medium:  Let’s all three of us work collaboratively to execute this successful event.

What if I don’t have my venue and dates picked out yet? No problemo.  We will take care of that lickety-split.  It does help for you to have some basic ideas of what you want, though.  But an open mind and a blank slate is a good thing (in my opinion)

How much one to one time do I get with you?  We’ll work for a hardcore 90 minutes on the phone together, take a week breather.  Then dive into 30 minutes on the phone together.  And then you have VIP access to my inbox for 30 days straight!!!  That is a lot of time with yours truly!

How much time should I need to set aside to do the work?  I know that you’re running a business.  So finding extra time to do this work is hard.  But I would try to set aside at least 4-8 hours a week for 30 days while you’re working with me so you can get it all done.

I have a co-host for my event.  Can she be in on the calls with me?  In order to keep things neat and tidy and streamlined, I can only have one person on the call.  But feel free to share what we review together with her, and you can have her listen to the call recording.  It isn’t a secret what we’re doing, it is just hard to have three people on a call and it’s easier for me to have one point of contact (one decision maker).  If you’re having trouble deciding who should be the one working one to one with me on the phone, make a decision as to who is going to be more of the Event Operations arm.  That is who I should be working with live.  But you can both shoot me emails during the 30 days of implementation!

Can’t I just hire you to Plan + Implement my Entire Event for me?  Of course you can!  My VIP Event Management prices start at $10,000.  So I suggest that you try me for 30 days first with this foundational package, and if you decided to upgrade, we’ll apply this to my VIP Event Management fee.

Okay, okay.  What if I want to just hire you to do  a few parts of my Special Event?  Yes, after we set a solid foundation with the plan we have outlined here, if you are interested in hiring me to do some side projects for your Special Event, I am available for hire “a la carte.”  But let’s get your foundation set first.  that is the most important piece of the puzzle right now!

What is your refund policy?   Sorry,  no refunds.  All sales are final.   Here’s why:  Since we’ve spoken together on the phone for my free consult, you get the drill of who I am an how I work and I have already given you some Hot Free Tips abut how to execute your Special Event (if we haven;t spoke on the phone yet, click here to get on my calendar!).  What I promise you that if you sign up to work with me, I am 110% committed to your success.  And I will be totally present for you for our 30 days together.   I will create for you a custom plan that is totally spelled out and super easy for you to implement.   And you will be able to use this Special Event Plan again and again for future events.   And you will have instant access to all of the bonus content that you can customize to your events for years to come.  But it is up to you to do the marketing hustling and implementation work.   

Where do I pay?  Okay, now we’re talkin’.  See that big orange button below?  Go ahead!  Click it!



Don’t delay:  Space is limited

Still have questions?  Drop me an email or schedule a free consultation — I am an open book.  Ask me anything!


“Aimee, You are a gem. I cannot thank you enough. You came in here and totally saved the day. And rocked it. I am deeply grateful to you. Frankly, we have been in awe of you.”


::  KC Baker – San Francisco + Sedona
::  Womens Thought Leader and Public Speaking Trainer ,
::  25 Women ~ Seen & Heard Mastermind, 4 week Virtual Program
::  150 Women ~ Speak Up For Your Business, 6 week Virtual Program