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With me in your back pocket….

Your Special Events will look easy and feel comfortable.

The attendees can have the most amazing experience possible.

The host can show up as their best self.

…And everyone leaves feeling high on life.

Smooth Events and Operations are “my thing.”

  • I get to work side by side with accomplished business owners who are launching high end online programs and holding in person retreats and ultra-high end VIP days.
  • I love to serve “The Talent” and their paying clients as a high level concierge at intimate and large in person revenue generating gatherings.
  • I am also thrilled to help corporate clients develop out of the box unique retreats for their management teams.
  • When I am called to work behind the scenes for private, important and personal events for loving families and their friends, this tugs at my heartstrings.

Aimeeyellowcircle.pngThis is what I do.  And I absolutely love it.

They all agree that by having me in their corner, their expectations have been exceeded.

My clients consistently tell me that I am “the whole package”, as I not only have a solid foundation with business and life experience, but this is coupled with an unbelievable amount of loyalty, positive energy, persistence, and a constant new ideas to really make things happen and inspire.  The attendees who attend events that I have had a hand in setting up are always blown away with the level of service they experience as they have made true human connection…which positively effects the entire event experience.

“Work hard & play hard” mentality is in my blood.

I was raised in a very conservative white-collar town in Connecticut, was a top tier competitive athlete, very academically inclined, with a work hard and play hard attitude.

After securing a degree in Marketing from the University of Colorado, my professional career was kicked off by following in father’s footsteps working in Corporate America in Sales Management in the consumer packaged goods sector, where I literally devoured all of the renowned sales training and techniques laid at my feet.  However, as I consistently exceeded my sales quotas, the thirst for creativity and “looking outside the box” was growing inside me.

A Super-Creative with a Solid Business Acumen

I fell madly in love with the entrepreneurial opportunities that the tech boom provided in San Francisco.

I secured a position in Project Management Marketing for a dot com start-up, where I was given the freedom to truly tap into my creativity.  I single-handedly developed and implemented a revenue stream generating over $1,000,000 within 6 months, which was the tipping point for generated our next round of funding.  No surprise here:  This revenue stream was selling, creating, and running Live Events all across the United States for companies such as Shell Oil and Merrill Lynch.

Sweet spot = VIP Personal Service + Flawless Operations + Creative Solutions

It became clear that creating smooth and flawless events and operations became my clear vocation.

My career path made the most delightful detour into in Hospitality Management after a series of life changing experiences, where I served on the management team with Five Star Spas and Fitness centers serving the rich and famous in Hollywood and Los Angeles.  I was responsible for the overall bottom line, hiring & managing teams of various skill sets.

This ultimately lead me to serving as a very high level Personal Assistant and Estate Manager to various High Net Worth clients traveling around the world for my work, where my I proved my super-human ability to keep the ship sailing smoothly while swiftly and graciously juggling various job titles, foreign languages, time zones,  on top of a never ending  and complex list of moving parts, and various  personalities (principals, VIPs, employees, contractors, vendors, family members & friends).

The Professional Event Planner of your DREAMS

After working for many years for just one person/organization/team at a time, I made the shift to start my own business to be able to support MANY Talented Leaders at a time.

Since launching AimeePrezzano.com in 2011, I have been blessed to support a melting pot of clients all over the world.  And the verdict is in:  With me as your sidekick, you can do no wrong.  I don’t really like to brag, so I encourage you to see for yourself.  Click here to see what others say about my work.

I am truth seeker and a lover of life.

Over time,  my approach to life continues to soften.  I try to keep things quite simple.

I love to laugh, and uncovering the divine comedy in daily life, really keeps me going.  When I am not behind my laptop or on my iphone “making the magic happen”, you can often find me cooking with local ingredients in my kitchen, singing or dancing (or sitting still!) to an eclectic mix of tunes, or backpacking in the wilderness to some undisclosed off the grid location flying solo or with John, my amazing and inspiring life partner.  Slower-paced Southern Oregon is where I call home.  But, I am just a twenty minute drive from an airport to easily fly across the country or the world for a client in need.  I feel like I have the best of all worlds.

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