How to Get “Back on The Beam”

urlYes, the waters have recently been tested.   It’s been a bit crazy over here in Aimee-land .  I am not gonna lie to you.  Life has been busy.  Family functions, business stuff, holidays, travel, spending, cooking…..  You name it, I’ve done it.

With all of these more than normal moving parts occurring in my life, my usual systems have sort of flown out the window.  It felt like I’ve been left with a bit more chaos than I like to handle.  In all areas of my life.  When I sit down to start to take action my monkey mind kicks in.  And that is where the *real* trouble begins,

You see, my mind’s typical m.o. is the always sabotaging + never helpful “all or nothing” principal.  Thus, if I cannot do it perfectly, I just do not do it at all.  I guess that my mind would rather think about all of the chaos and the problems and it actually enjoys staying overwhelmed.  That is its preferred state.  And, apparently, I would rather sit in my dirty diaper and whine about it and be uncomfortable about it than actually take small, baby step action.  Sounds pretty toxic, doesn’t it?  The truth is, it pains me to admit this publicly about my character.  But I want you to know that if this same thought pattern crosses your grey matter from time to time, you’re in the right place.

So, getting “Back on the Simple Living Beam” hasn’t been super easy.  Even for someone who helps others with this same issue for a living.  (Note to the reader:  just because you come to me for “advice”/”guidance” know that the main reason why I am able to help you, is because I understand what it is like to be in your exact shoes.)

The good news is that there is a solution…..

Tip #1:  Find someone/thing to help you stay accountable

There are people in your life who want to help you to get back on the beam.  Seek them out!  You have to take the first step, though to find out a) what you want to accomplish and b) who would *really* be the best fit for you.

…To help you increase consistent exercising

For me, consistent exercise was one of the things that fell by the wayside.  I am not a gym rat.  I am at my best when I take long walks/hikes in nature a few times a week coupled with yoga sequencing.  Again, I know what my body needs, but I wasn’t willing to do it — every excuse in the book was coming up:  Too busy, too tired, no time, too dark, too cold, I’ll do it tomorrow….

So I found myself a way to be accountable — just to get a kick start on getting out there and to stay consistent:  I found an accountability partner.  And she was over the moon excited to be there for me.  Her name is Lucy.  And she loves to hike.  She’s my parent’s Gordon Setter, who needs more exercise than any other dog I have ever known.  And so, as I knew that I needed accountability, I shang-hi’d her for a couple of days (….with their approval, of course) and she unknowingly became my built in personal trainer.  I knew that she would pester me, and pester me until she would get to go for a daily hike with me.  And that’s exactly what she did.  My plan worked.  I have been getting out more consistently now, because I took action on getting an accountability partner.

…To help you reduce eating out:

I find that when my life gets a bit more “crazy” than normal, I eat out more, and cook in less, because my mind says that it takes too long too cook and clean, so why not for-go it altogether.  (Ah, mind, I busted you!)

So, I made sure that I bought fresh veggies and meat, and did a quick meal plan for the week….which kept me accountable to actually follow through on cooking food that my body likes.  Plus, I made a deal with John (my partner) that he would clean if I cooked — we have this deal in place anyway, but I made sure to verbally communicate it to him so I didn’t set myself up for some kind of resentment by assuming (cause you know what A S S uming does, right? It makes an A S S out of you and me.)

Anyhow, we started cooking at home again.  Oh yes.  Body feels good, psyche feels good, those around me are also benefitting.  And it all started because I help myself accountable by actually going to the store and buying some fresh veggies.

…..To help you reduce Small Business overwhelm:

Maybe you’re feeling like you’re all over the map with your business?  Yup.  That’s how I felt when I ventured our on my own and started my  own Simple Living consulting business in March 2011.  So many decisions to make, and so many avenues to explore.  So many ways to do my marketing and set up my online techie stuff.  Even for a girl like my who has been a business woman her entire life, it was super challenging, I as definitely off the beam.   And, while that was a while ago, that same confusion still creeps up from time to time.  But this accountability group was the one that really helped me stay on track.  (click here to learn about the group).  I highly recommend that you find a group of like minded business peeps to help you stay on the beam.  It sucks going at it alone.

So now it’s time to hear from you!  

What areas of your life are usually the first to fall by the wayside when you life gets busy?  And what kinds of things do you to to “get back on the beam”?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.  And if you liked this article, please be sure to share it with your friends.

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