What’s my secret weapon in the bedroom?

Simple Living Gadget Recommendation from Aimee: Invest in a headlamp. $15 bucks at any sporting goods store. It is just a flashlight with three settings (high beam, medium beam, or soft beam) that you strap to your head, like John McEnroe did with his sweatband in the late 1980s. It is not just for coal-miners or people who search for bats in deep caves. My beau is so grateful that that I don't have the lights beaming in his eyes and I don't fuss around at all when I take that special time at night to just be with me.

I love my bedroom.

It is so much more than just a place to sleep.  It is my private sanctuary.  It is my nest.  It is the place where I can truly rest, feel safe, and feel loved.

And my secret weapon in the bedroom is my headlamp.

Okay, I’ll admit.   That’s not very “sexy”.   But it is a key component for me to get a good night’s sleep.  And good sleep is critical to simple living.  Let me explain.

In the past, I used to think that crawling into bed at night was just a time in the day specifically carved out so I could literally pass out so i could have energy to start the cycle all over again in the morning.  My days were so charged with adrenaline and wasted energy, that come nighttime, I physically couldn’t keep my eyes open any more.  Crashing out  as soon as my head hit the pillow was my rite of passage.  I deserved it.  I earned it.  I worked hard.  And now, I sleep.

Today, I love that time at night before drifting off into an amazing sleep.  I relish in it. I enjoy it.  I am enthralled by it.  It has a completely different meaning than it used to have in my life.  And it is just as important time for me to be present in these moments before I fall asleep as it is during the other portions of my day.

What shifted?

Instead of wanting to “shut off my brain” at night, I have trained it to work for me.

I used to think that bedtime was not a very “productive” part of my day (i.e. none of my traditional  To Dos are checked off my list at this time).  However, I have found that my key to “productivity” is the direct result of a good night’s sleep.  And to get a good night’s sleep, I need vigilantly focus my mind to train it to cooperate with me.  I have become the master of my mind.

Thus, my actions right before sleeping are super important.  But, being a chronic overachiever, I have to keep it very simple!  Every night, I get into bed, turn the lights off, mindfully get into bed, and then I start my simple bedtime regime.  I’d like to share it with you here:


STEP ONE:  I get out of myself

  • I will ask my beau about his day, and what is weighing on his mind.   I consciously try to set my own agenda aside and do my best to keep my mouth shut (it’s a tall order, but it is possible!) .  I do my best to listen.
  • I’ll give him a genuine complement about something from that day. Sometimes it is as simple as “Thank you for helping with the dishes ” (even thought it is something he’s ‘supposed” to do– but I make sure to keep that part to myself !)
  • If he is out of town, I drop an email or make a phone call to someone who i care about to see how they are doing or check in on them  — I make sure to not make it about me.

STEP TWO:   I reflect on the past 24 hours

  • After taking the time to get out of myself, I inwardly reflect upon my day.  A quiet solo- self analysis.  Only the past 24 hours. I strap on my headlamp (see caption under photo for more about this). I pull out my small journal to jot some of these notes down.  Here is specifically what I do:
  • I take 5 minutes to think of the people I encountered, the interactions that I made throughout the day. I ponder the things that happened that I didn’t expect, the times where I stopped to be present and figuratively smell the roses, the moments where I surprised myself with my actions, and the times where I might have behaved differently.  Stuff like that.
  • Then, I turn off my headlamp. I thank the universe for the amazing day that I just had. And I look forward to a great night’s sleep.

Now it’s your turn…….

Can you relate?  What is your nightly routine?   Do any of these ideas seem like something you’re willing to implement?  

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