How the Monkey do I slow it down?

SmellTheFreesiaYup.  My mind has this somewhat natural affinity to want to overcomplicate things.

And, you know what I have found?  I when I am busy, I often I act on my complicated thinking.

My decision to act on the thought always makes sense at the time.  But then, later on, when my back is up again the wall, I always ask myself the same question: “How the monkey did I get myself into this position again???”

But I have found that when I consciously choose to

S L O W    D O W N   and theoretically “smell the roses” I tend to be less likely to over complicate (because I don’t act on my complicated mind), and then I can actually be more productive.

Yeah, I know.  This wounds like some philosophical woo-woo theory and gibberish.   Just hear me out!  And it is scientifically proven.  (….by yours truly!  Aimee the scientific researcher…ah yes, one of my many talents….well, not really, but it sounds good).

Let me explain…..

How do I “slow down” when my life is already so busy?

A simple bunch

I start with the little things….. a simple thing.  Things that are clearly not complicated.

Like a simple bunch of flowers.

Here’s what  *always* works for me, and I suggest you try it for yourself:

Instead of passing that flower vendor at the Farmer’s Market because you’re in too much of a rush, or deciding that it is a waste of money to  buy a bunch of flowers at the grocery….take contrary action.  Slow down.  Think.  Do you want them?  Really, do you? That’s a silly question, because I know that you do.  No need to wait for “that special someone” to buy them for you (you see, that is that complicated mind talking to you again, now, trying to tell you the old story of “how its supposed to be”)

Your heart sings…. so listen to it

So grab a bunch!

Pick out a bunch that makes your heart sing.

One guideline:  Keep it simple.  Use this an opporunity to just trust your gut, your first instinct.  When your mind starts thinking of what vases you have at home, and what the colors of your kitchen are, smile and be grateful that you are catching your complicating mind in action.  And be grateful that you do not have to act on it in this moment. Just this once.  Isn’t that amazing??  Seriously, for busy people like us, that is a freaking miracle!

And then, when you get home, find a simple vase.  Not one that you are scared to use because it might break.  Not one that  makes you feel blah and boring.  one that represents who you are.  Rather, who you want to be.  For me, I love mason jars.  They are elegant, rustic, and help me get back in touch with the simple things in life.

Throughout the life of the flowers, when you pass by the vase and the flowers that make your heart sing, make a point to slow down and smile.  Literally and figuratively smell the roses.

The gift you give yourself

You will know deep down that you created this, all because you wanted it.  It wasn’t some floozy complicated concoction or a book you memorized.  You’ll actually be feeling what it feels like to slow down.  And you’ll know that you created it because you just listened to your heart.

And then, you, too, will see first hand how you’re not acting on complicated thinking as much….you’ll have your own scientific proof.  Just even for a moment.  What a gift.

No one can give it to you — you have to give it to yourself.

Now, you tell me….Have you tried my “smell the roses” technique to help you slow down?  What other tips do you use to help slow down your busy life?  Please share your comments in the space below, and if you liked this article, please share it with your friends!

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