So you want to hold a kick-ass biz event.  

It has been on your wish-list for a super long time, and its about to happen.

….But you’re hopelessly stuck in the Event Planning process.

No problemo.  I mean, seriously, planning events is not your profession, so it shouldn’t be super easy (umm….hello-O! )

I mean, there’s the budget, securing the venue, the what to bring lists for participants, air travel, things to do outside of the event, dealing with dietary restrictions, legal mumbo-jumbo, how to keep things running smooth at the actual event….Is your coffee on an IV drip yet?

The world needs you! Your life’s purpose is to get out there and wake people up.

And you know that you can do that so much more effectively if you meet with them in an intimate setting.

You work so well in person and people are drawn to you like a magnet.

….But you’re super stressed- out!

Maybe you’re even having second thoughts about this whole racket…

I mean, you also have a business to run and this one event isn’t the end all be all!  Or is it?  I mean, it is your dream to connect with others to help them, and you know that in person is where you really shine.  But it is just so bloody overwhelming!

Oh, and don’t forget:  You are supposed to be well rested and hydrated so you can shine at your event.

Now, how the heck is *that* supposed to happen with all this stuff happening behind the scenes?   I mean, seriously. Right?


NEWSFLASH:   Event Planning doesn’t have to be that hard.

Free Plug Into My Brain

Let me help you get out there into the world, so you can do your thing.

My talent is to make Special Events go off without a hitch.

I want to loan you my Professional Event Planning brain to solve your Special Event Woes.

I am going to help you as your thinking partner to make sure that we get you back on track so you can get onto hosting that Special Event like the Rock Star that you are!

For FREE.  On the Phone. You + Me.

Yes.  You are reading this correctly.  I’ll give you a cool 20 minutes.

Translation:  That is pure GOLD my friend!

What do I ask of you?  Nothing.  Well, that’s not true.  There is one very important thing:  In order for me to help you effectively (in such a short amount of time), I need to ask of you to be willing to spill your guts. The good, bad, and the ugly.  Everything.  You see, I’m going to need to dig around in there (your noggin) to make sure that when you leave our call you’re armed with what you need to take the next appropriate action.   I pride myself on a job well done, and this is no exception.

You’ll get on-the-spot relief.