Yes, the waters have recently been tested.   It’s been a bit crazy over here in Aimee-land .  I am not gonna lie to you.  Life has been busy.  Family functions, business stuff, holidays, travel, spending, cooking…..  You name it, I’ve done it. With all of these more than normal moving parts occurring in my life, my […]


Having a sharp brain is a blessing and a curse in today’s modern world.  I love to research and gather knowledge, and poll people.  I love taking classes, and reading, and thinking from other people’s point of view. Life is a series of decisions. And how I make decisions effects the outcome of my decision. […]


I love my bedroom. It is so much more than just a place to sleep.  It is my private sanctuary.  It is my nest.  It is the place where I can truly rest, feel safe, and feel loved. And my secret weapon in the bedroom is my headlamp. Okay, I’ll admit.   That’s not very […]