Yes, the waters have recently been tested.   It’s been a bit crazy over here in Aimee-land .  I am not gonna lie to you.  Life has been busy.  Family functions, business stuff, holidays, travel, spending, cooking…..  You name it, I’ve done it. With all of these more than normal moving parts occurring in my life, my […]


Using technology for personal productivity and simplicity is in my blood.  I know it, live it, and breathe it day in and day out.  It is one of my most important secret weapons to living a simple life in this complicated world, and it has become a key component for me to help others in […]

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A once heard one of my all time current business heros, Tom Barrack, say that his favorite bumper sticker was “Question Authority.” I do not tout myself as an activist, but I *am* super passionate about quality food and questioning where your food comes from and what is best for your body. So lets make […]