Yup.  My mind has this somewhat natural affinity to want to overcomplicate things. And, you know what I have found?  I when I am busy, I often I act on my complicated thinking. My decision to act on the thought always makes sense at the time.  But then, later on, when my back is up again […]


Yes, the waters have recently been tested.   It’s been a bit crazy over here in Aimee-land .  I am not gonna lie to you.  Life has been busy.  Family functions, business stuff, holidays, travel, spending, cooking…..  You name it, I’ve done it. With all of these more than normal moving parts occurring in my life, my […]


I bet that you are like me, and there are a few things around the house that drive you crazy every time you see them. They are probably things that you either a) can’t fix on your own, or b) haven’t set aside the time to fix them.  Some things that often crop up for […]