A once heard one of my all time current business heros, Tom Barrack, say that his favorite bumper sticker was “Question Authority.” I do not tout myself as an activist, but I *am* super passionate about quality food and questioning where your food comes from and what is best for your body. So lets make […]


Growing up, I remember my father would poke fun at my Italian relatives as they preferred to take a tub versus a shower. “Why would you choose to take a bath.  It’s like you’re sitting in your own filth!”  Made total sense. Now I know better. I have come to believe that the Italians are […]

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I have this great friend.  She and I have been great friends for 19 years. And a lot can happen in 19 years. Well, I’ll speak for myself:   A lot happened in *my life* in my last 19 years!  Quite frankly, not all of my friendships have endured the changes that have occurred in […]