Have you done your 2013 reflections yet?

If not, it’s okay — there is still time!  My New Year’s Day Nudge to you is this:

Spend ONE HOUR with yourself this week.   

Make sure it includes your focused attention (yes, an ipod with earbuds and blasting new age on Pandora totally counts, if that’s what you have to do to block the world out! I get it!) , and a journal to to write and reflect the positive and the learnings in 2013.  That’s all.  No template.  No structure.  (omg — freak out, right?!?!)  Doing this will make it so much easier for you to figure out how you want to feel in 2014.  Just keep it really simple.  And let ‘er rip!


My reflections were pretty powerful.  I recently took time out to reflect on my 2013.  In fact, last week, I hosted an online retreat for other busy movers and shakers where we all did some serious inner soul surgery diving into how we want to feel in the upcoming year.  And let me tell you — BIG changes are in store for me in 2014 (…perhaps you were already tipped off by the Header on my newsletter or my recent posts on Facebook?)

(drumroll please….)

I am *so* excited to tell you that effective immediately, in my business here at AimeePrezzano.com, I will focus 100% of my energies toward helping busy and successful people (like you!) to simplify and streamline everything and everything Special Events.  This includes in-person, online programs, business, and personal special events.
When I took time out to reflect on my 2013, it became ridiculously clear in black and white that over the past 12 months, my consulting work related to Special Events really exploded.  Some of the highlights include:

  • I served as a VIP Concierge & Event Manager to a high end entrepreneur mastermind business coaching program for a select 12 participants
  • I served as the “client services on steroids” for two high end online program launches for a Women’s Speechwriting coach.
  • I served organic farmers re-brand themselves in their local community by creating a community End of Summer Party with over 200 guests
  • I was the Event Planner high-end behind the scenes functionary for a business conference in a tropical location for 75 high net worth folks
  • I have re-vamped the Events & Concierge team at an up and coming Boutique Resort in Nicaragua, which included acting as a wedding coordinator for a Destination Wedding Week for 100 American party-goers in Nicaragua (one of the brides and grooms called me “J-Lo from the Wedding Planner….ha!)
  • I lead the concierge team for a prominent Yoga & Kirtan Festival in Southern Oregon
  • I launched a live online program to ensure a Simple Holiday Season, creating a Holiday Planning Workbook to ensure that we get it done every year after year..

Click here to read what some of my event planning clients have said

So, what does this big change mean to you?  

LetsMakeA Plan-close out


#1–>  50% off my “Let’s Make A Plan” Package.  Got brain overload, that never seems to go away?  Let me have at your brain and life and we’ll get you back on track.  I am offering it at whopping 50% off,  as this package will be discontinued.  If you’ve ever wanted to work one to one with me to really get your life back on track (or just get your life back?!?!), here’s your chance!   First come first serve based on calendar availability.  Offer expires January 31, 2014.   Run, don’t walk! CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR SPOT.

#2 –> My newsletter is now 100% dedicated to planning + hosting special events.  So I really want to stay connected with you…..that is, if you are interested in continuing to have my assistance with tips on holding your special events easily, simply, and gracefully.   But if hosting events or gatherings (for personal or business) isn’t your thing, and you decide to leave our Simple Living pack here and unsubscribe, I *totally* understand.

#3 –>  Visit the New Freebie Section on my website.  I want to thank you so much for being such a loyal fan, and subscribing to my Simple Living Nudges. But, The Nudge is not it is not disappearing from the face of the planet.  I have decided to re-purpose my “best of” The Nudge and present it as a 60 day Simple Living eProgram on my website, because those who host events are absolutely busy people, and they also want to simplify their lives, right?   Also on that page I have added a few other complimentary resources to help you simplify your life and events (ie “my How To Find More Time Class.”) CHECK OUT MY FREEBIES

Wishing you the best in 2014, and excited to see what events you’re planning on hosting in the coming year!


PS  Be sure to do this last Nudge from me (repeat:  Take one hour to reflect on your 2013!).  Yes, this is your last Nudge EVER, so take it seriously!  And if you feel overwhelmed after doing your task…..remember that I am in your back pocket at a 50% off close out price thru Jan 31, 2014 — Let’s Make a Plan together for your 2014 together!  Woo hoo!!

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