Hey, there!  My name is Aimee Prezzano.

Consider me your  On & Off Line Special Event Planning “go-to-gal.”  But before I tell you more “About me”, I need to take a slight detour.  You see, I am not the type  to just start talking about me, me, me……

So, let’s first talk about you.

Because, honestly, that is what I do:  I live to serve!  And you are not “most people”.

You are Remarkable.  Double Thumbs Up.

Without a doubt:

  •  You are ridiculously TALENTED and you are meant to shine!  In a big way!
  •  You have everything that you need for SUCCESS:  The knowledge, the education,  the work, the tools…. You know, all the “stuff”…
  •  You are up to BIG THINGS, and you know that your purpose is to make a profound difference in the world in your lifetime.  Your friends, family, and clients need your work in the world.
  •  You are buttoned up, ACCOMPLISHED and a humble leader.  Your communication skills are way above par.
  •  People are ATTRACTED TO YOU from all walks of life.  You are a people magnet.

Some of your thinking is that:

  • You believe in the POWER OF TRUE CONNECTION WITH OTHERS sparks massive change and fast
  • You have a profound passion to GIVE YOUR PEEPS AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE
  • You are on a SPIRITUAL QUEST TO UNCOVER YOUR BEST SELF so you can be a channel to serve.

And I’d be willing to bet that if we dig just a little bit deeper you:

  • Are a diehard “I can do it myself”-er with a crazy amount of strong will power, and you realize that while this high resolve has served you very well (perhaps, for a very long time) that this quality isn’t serving you quite well anymore.
  • Are feeling a bit more exhausted than you want to admit
  • Are ashamed that the intention and passion that you had when you started is not as inspiring as it once was, and your resentments are really starting to creep in, big time, .
  • Are feeling a bit lonely and fearful that no one really understands what you’re going through, and finding someone to help you who has your high standards seems absolutely hopeless.

Think of me as your personal smoother-outer for all of your events.

Yes, for business, personal, online and offline.  Big or small.

I am a crazy pants master organizer, operations expert, detail oriented event/project planner, customer service maven and a ridiculously loyal VIP concierge.

I am the expert on how to make things look “Easy, breezy, beautiful, Cover Girl.”  No matter how last minute it is, nor how unbelievably complicated it seems.

Challenges turn me on.

Especially the ones that are keeping you up at night.   Yes, I am that much of a nut-job. Bring it.  I dare you.

But here is the real deal:

You, too, can throw unique and flawless events …..and actually enjoy every part of it

(Yes, even the parts that stress you out)

All it takes is a little bit of pre-planning and thinking out of the box.

And remaining openminded and teachable.

And a partner in crime to help keep you on track (*wink*).

It works. Every time.

I am here to ensure that YOU are at your best in business & personal affairs!

I want you to be literally glowing when you hold that very special in-person event, when you’re launching your new online program, are entertaining family & friends in your home, or when you are hosting your first (or 20th!) business retreat.

However, for most of us, when we’re involved in these types of events, it often brings a massive amount of stress, headaches, and wasted energy.

But I want to tell you something:

You don’t have to succumb to that kind of stress anymore.

Because I promise you that there is an easier way to get things done, because that stress is stopping you from your awesomeness.

I have the secret code on how to keep everyone (you, your clients, your prospects, your family members, your guests) at ease… including YOU!  Particularly at such times when most people have complete melt-downs.


Enter Aimee stage right……


You are no longer alone. We’ve found each other.


Seriously, there is no need to keep searching.  Yes, It is time to let go.  I have a knack for people to instantly trust me (helps to have an unblemished track record with helping people just like you!)

Are you loosening your grip?  That’s a start!

This Event is going to happen.

And it is going to be AWESOME.

In your business & life, feel free to consider me consider me your:

  • Wing-woman (yes, there is power in numbers)
  • Partner in crime (teamwork = divide and conquer, baby!)
  • Director (I am more than ready to help direct your show!)
  • Talent agent (You are on fire and definitely need someone looking out for your best interests, pronto!)
  • Confidante (everything you tell me is “in the vault”.  Capiche?)
  • Secret weapon (you may find this quite odd, but I don’t do this work for the recognition)
  • Personal Secretary (one who is gracious, confidential, but definitely truth telling)
  • Rock of Gibraltar (you can count on me 1000%)
  • Behind the scenes Side-kick (so you can ROCK IT  “out there”!)
  • Friend (I totally get what you’re going through, cause I am just like you)

 In a nutshell:  I live to serve people just like you.

I bet that sigh of relief feels good.

(I wrote “exhale”  a few paragraphs above on purpose — have you yet?  Lemme hear it!!!!  Yessss!)

Let’s stay connected, then, shall we?

I’d be honored to learn more about you, so I might have the chance to help you glow with that inner light that you were meant to shine onto others!



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